Station Manager, Roadways

Minimum Bachelor?s degree in any stream

Minimum 7-10 years of experience

The tasks a Station Master, Roadways is expected to perform include:

Controlling and co-ordinating the work of station staff

Supervising the operation of passenger buses, cars, luggage vans and good trucks

Arranging the layout of roadway station for parking of vehicles, signboards of routes, booking office counters, etc.

Displaying the time, fare table and other notices in station premises

Providing amenities to passengers

Preparing roster of Bus Conductors, Drivers, Cleaners and Check Attendants

Supervising the work of Bus Conductors, Drivers, Cleaners and Check Attendants

Maintaining check sheets for incoming and outgoing vehicles, their numbers, time of arrival and departure, destination station, etc.

Maintaining fuel records

Checking way bills, freight charges, passenger fare, etc. to ensure there accuracy

Ensuring that the parcels and luggage for transport is packed, labelled, and addressed properly

Arranging for additional buses to relieve heavy traffic and relief buses during an emergency

Attending to passenger complaints and taking re-medical action

Maintaining necessary records and registers

Checking for malpractices

Ensuring safety and convenience of passengers, cleanliness of the premise and incoming and out-going buses

Knowledge of the roadways station operation

Knowledge of road safety

Knowledge of traffic rules and regulations

Detailed knowledge of the routes in the area

Competent to manage an emergency

Detailed knowledge of the functioning of a roadway station

Not applicable

Ability to multitask

Co-ordination skills

Management skills


Ability to work under pressure

Time management skills

Planning and organizing skills

Team player

It is mostly field work

May need to handle a team of Bus Conductors, Drivers, Cleaners and Check Attendants

Local travelling is not required

Part-time work and contractual jobs are not available

Work from home option is not available

Working hours

Working is 8/9 hours for 5-6 days a week

Shift system is available

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?Maybe

This job is not considered dangerous or hazardous

Occupational hazards may include fatigue, stress, etc.

Will be updated

Recent Developments in the Transport/Logistics/Warehousing Sector

Road transport is still the dominant mode of transportation both for moving goods and passengers. India has a huge network of roads comprising of National Highways, State Highways, Major District Roads and Village and other roads.The road network is assuming a pivotal role in the movement of goods and passengers. There has been a substantial shift in the mode of transportation from railways towards the road sector. While the railways handles only 40% of the freight and 20% of the passengers load, 60% of the goods and 80% of passenger?s movement takes place through roads. It is anticipated that the function of the road network will further increase in the future.

Apart from this shift, there has also been a rise in job openings for many job roles namely Road Transport Clerks, Traffic Manager, Locomotive Engineer, Railroad Conductors, Subway Operators, Customs Department Officers, etc. Women have also started to take up jobs in this sector. Given the recent trends in the market, it is also going to increase job opportunities for Station Master, Roadways.

Transport companies Government institutes

Private companies

Across India