The choice of a career is among the most important decisions of our life….or so it should be. For most however, this choice is still made based on their instincts, and the word of others. And that’s where we come in! We at are passionate about helping the career decision maker reach the right decision and make an informed choice. Using the latest research in the career decision theories, psychometric assessments, analytics and data from the world’s largest career database, we bring a unique phased global career decision framework (ONETCPTM) to facilitate your search for the right career, education and skills set.

Our assessments are based on established and validated psychometric scales and cover a diverse set of traits. And with a cloud based platform powered by advanced analytics, we provide accurate career recommendations, which don’t just present you with a direction but also predict your long term career growth, tenure and satisfaction. With individuals increasingly taking responsibility of their career graphs the need for our solution is urgent and is required across an individual’s lifetime.

Additionally, in this highly networked and globalized world, with careers becoming global and boundaryless, career standards are also fast evolving. A missing link across most countries however, is lack of data on individual attributes. The O*NET program provides a well-researched career taxonomy and data on several of these critical attributes, collected over several years from practitioners and experts across occupations. Our career assessment framework extends the O*NET framework to increase the decision value that it can provide to individual decision makers in a multicultural context. We also provide cross reference of career standards across countries thereby facilitating accurate career decision making in a global context. is founded by Mohit Bhatnagar, who after working extensively in the industry started it owing to lack of credible career decision support across one's lifetime. Mohit's doctoral thesis work forms the research basis for Tucareers, and it proposes an analytics driven model for the internationalization of O*NET (world’s largest open source career database). Mohit’s work, validating O*NET’s outside US (in India) for career guidance, has been published in the journal from International Association of Education and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG), the nodal body globally in the area of career decision making and has also been cited in the International Handbook of Career Guidance. is an initiative of Uplytics Consulting which was founded in 2011 in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh the most populous, however not one of the most developed states in India. The need for career guidance and career counselling in Lucknow and adjoining areas is acute as the area produces the most graduates in India, however limited opportunities exist.