Success Analytics from Tucareers

Workforce analytics (also called people analytics or HR analytics) is an upcoming approach which brings an engineering rigor to HR for improving...

emerging need for career guidance

Choosing ones career is one of the most important decisions individuals make.

Career Decision Making

Given the importance, Career and Education related Decision Making or vocational guidance has been a subject of research for more than a century and has since...

Big 5 Career Theories

We next look at Career Theories that have a potential to to provide a framework for the internationalization of career decision making.

Decision Theories

Gati (1986) defines vocational choices as a particular case of decision making under uncertainty with the aim to reach an optimal...

Changing Paradigms in Career Decision Making

Psychometric tests have been in use for several decades for facilitating career decisions for individuals, undecided with their career choices.

Building Blocks

Few of the improvements to the issues highlighted in the previous post which the Tucareers framework addresses are

O*NET Content Model

The Occupational Information Network or O*NET program is USA’s primary source of occupational information....

ONETCP - O*NET Career Planning Model

O*NET is the world's largest occupational database and provides very comprehensive industry data about...

Tucareers Framework Overview

In this post we further detail the features which Tucareers provides which can facilitate career exploration and decision making.

Career Assessments

As discussed in previous posts the worker characteristics domain in the O*NET content model defines abilities, work styles, work values and interests...

Interest Assessment Tucareers

Interests Indicate preferences for work environments.

What are Personality Tests

Personality assessments or personality tests are techniques to consistently and accurately measure the personality of individuals (or groups of...

Work Style Assessment

Work Styles are personality characteristics of an individual that can affect how well someone performs a job and is one of the latest and exciting...

Abilities Assessment

Abilities are enduring attributes of the individual that influence performance.

Knowledge Assessment

Knowledge are organized set of principles and are gained through education and experience.

Work Values Assessment

Work values taxonomy used by us is based on the Theory of Work Adjustment (TWA) developed at the University of Minnesota (Dawis 2005) and as included...

Skills Assessment

Skills are established procedures that lay the foundation to work with knowledge and is learned through experience and training.

Work Context

Work Context determines the social psychological and physical conditions under which work is performed.

Career Toolbox Tucareers

Besides the Career Assessment products as described in the previous blogs , Tucareers also hosts other assessments useful for counselors.

Career Exploration Model

There are several benefits of an occupational classification system.

ONE Group Career Interventions

ONE workshop is the first three phases Orient , Navigate and Explore of our ONETCP career decision model. 

Beacon Career Guidance Platform from Tucareers

A career guidance platform provides a career model, career tests and other tools and utilities