Competencies are key expertise required for a role. They essentially define the observable knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors needed for successful job performance. Most modern organizations use competency as building blocks for talent management across a life cycle of an employee (e.g. hiring , promotions , transitioning , development etc.). For career planning perspective for an individual it is critical to understand one’s competencies.

This self assessment is a useful tool to evaluate the competency requirements of one’s target role and benchmark oneself against them. This self evaluation helps to identify skill gaps and develop a better understanding of the expectations from the targeted role. The competencies can also be useful for identifying learning needs, discovering critical aspects evaluated in an job interview and ways to highlight one’s relevant experience & expertise.

Based on a choice of a sector and role, only relevant technical and behavioral competencies are presently and a self assessment is to be done based on the levels presented. The multiple levels mostly indicate the increasing degrees of expertise required and the results displays provides a map of one’s self assessed competencies viz-a-viz the role requirements.

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