Tucareers offers careers tests, career exploration model, career content and profile building tools for facilitating career decision making. These tools work across an individual’s lifetime and provide the necessary decision support in the new age career models. Our product/solutions have a well researched base in career and decision theories, analytics and psychometrics.

The new career paradigm is characterized by ‘protean’ and ‘boundary less’ outlooks. A protean career attitude implies individuals taking responsibility of their careers and achieving fulfillment in it; while a boundary less career attitude is characterized by a high mobility of individuals across organizations, industries and countries.

These changes are visible in many ways; individuals are becoming lifelong learners, the concept of ‘gig economy’ is thriving and the traditional “three phase” career model of ‘learn, work and retire’ is being replacedby a more agile “multi phase” model of ‘learn, work, leisure, learn, work , leisure’ ..... learn!!

The tools are based on the O*NET framework which is the largest open source career database in the world. The O*NET framework and career taxonomy is very comprehensive and although build in the USA, can be linked to career standards worldwide.

The founding team at Tucareers have been working on researching and validating the usefulness of O*NET’s data in an international context since 2012. Their research validating O*NET’s use in India was published in the journal from the International Association of Educational and Vocational Guidance, the nodal body for counselling globally.

Our phased career model (ONETCPTM) provides for a culturally independent framework with required checks and balances for use across cultures.

We have separate career assessment products for School (Career Spark), College (Career Ignite) and Professionals (Career Energize). At the core of these solutions is the Interest, Abilities and Personality assessment. We add on aspects which an individual increasingly becomes aware off in his life journey (like the Knowledge, Skills, Work Context and Work Values) and provide recommendations for a general direction to students and specific recommendations to professionals.
Post the assessment, you will be provided with a report with information on linked courses which will help the students in making the correct subject/stream/course choices.
The O*NET career taxonomy divides the different occupation in five Job Zones based on the amount of preparation required. So our career assessments can work for recommending careers across the spectrum of the world of work.
As much as we would like all our assessments to be free, we do have bills to pay. Please check the Career Tests ToolBox section for more details.
Our shared counselling platform Beacon caters to this need. You can purchase the bulk assessments as per your requirements and manage these tests from a back end panel on our website. Your users can take the test by redeeming the coupons your share with them,We do refer candidates as well for counselling in your region. For more details on Beacon Pricing, scheduling a demo Sign Up here
We do white label our assessment solution and offer a robust career guidance and planning model which you can adopt. Please do submit the Partner Sign Up form. You can write to mohit@tucareers.com (Founder) for more details
Please do submit the Partner Sign Up form. You can write to mohit@tucareers.com for more details
Our industry initiative Role.Fit provides solutions for career planning, role wise fitment analysis and workforce analytics.

Our secret sauce is a good understanding of the traditional psychometric and career decision tools and being able to wed it with the advancements in technology (machine learning and AI) to provide a decision framework that can be scalable and most importantly durable in a fast evolving new career paradigm.

The O*NET framework is an unparalleled resource and its utility in the new career paradigm is increasingly being understood across the globe. Our strength and unique value proposition is the in-depth understanding of that framework and its application across the spectrum of career planning and development.