Frequently Asked Questions

Tucareers offerings includes psychometrics assessments and education and career decisioning making tools. These tools are the personal decision support for career starters as well as career professionals in making better life impacting decisions. Our tools are grounded in extensive research in career and decision theories, analytics and psychometrics.
The tools are based on the O*NET framework which is the largest occupation database with data collected in the USA. However the O*NET framework and taxonomy is based on universal theories like Theory of Work Adjustment , Personality and Interest testing. Our model based framework provides for a culturally independent framework with required checks and balances for use across cultures.
The Interest Based Assessment is free for our site users
Career decisions are best taken based on multi trait assessment ( work style, personality , interest, values and abilities) and should also account for your prior work experiences, education, skills and knowledge for experienced professionals.
Job Zones is a five way (one being the least and five the most) classification of jobs based on the preparation and training needed. It is a critical input to the search algorithm.Read More
You can purchase the bulk assessments in the numbers your require and manage these tests from a back end panel. Your users can take the test by redeeming the coupons your share with them. For more details please do write to us at