Confused about your study abroad destination? We’ll help you find the country that suits you!

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience, so one should put in considered thought before making the choice. However we often find students choosing their study abroad destinations based on the popular choices or on the recommendations of an overseas consultant. More often than not, the due diligence put in by the students or parents for such a critical decision is inadequate, leading to sub-optimal choices and consequent outcomes. Which brings us to the question.. is there a better way to make that choice?

Yes of course there is a structured and scientific way to make that choice. Our country selector test can assist you in deciding on your study abroad destination by considering the advantages and disadvantages before making that final choice. If the choice of a country is all you are confused about you can get started with our test for free from below. However if you are also confused on your career path, course and college decision we recommend you to take our accurate and research based career test to decide on your best fit options. You can also take help from our expert counselors and mentors to help you make that important choice.

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Find the country that best suits your study abroad needs. Take the Country Selector Test

So, you've been thinking about studying abroad, but are undecided about where to study. Our country selector will give you personalized recommendations to rank study abroad destinations, based on your interests and preferences. Our test is designed to elicit your relative choices on all important factors which research recommends considering for a choice. These include things like costs, safety, post study considerations, social factors etc. Choosing to study abroad is a good first step, however, make a considered choice so that it can be a life changing event for you !

Based on our extensive research work we bring to you other tools and utilities that can match you to the most suitable career paths, courses and colleges as per your profile and needs. Our well researched college list builder can help you zero in on the suitable courses and colleges. We also help you make applications in the recommended colleges and work with you as a trusted partner to meet all your post admission needs. In case you are unsure of your right career path and consequent course choice, please do take our free career tests and consult our expert career and educational counsellors who can help you prepare a target college list in a scientific and structured way. Take the test for a nudge in the right direction every individual deserves and needs in the new career paradigm.

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