Choosing the right vocations is the one of the most important decisions in our lives, with wrong choices significantly impacting earnings and growth potential. Therefore, a right choice of education matching one’s long term career goals and aligning to their interests and abilities is critical. Further, the expanding set of career options, longer work tenures, and growing importance to work-life balance also add to the importance of making the right choice.

Most individuals take career decisions without fully exploring themselves or the environment around them. Some of the issues faced in this exploration are:

 Lack of knowledge of one’s preferences

 Lack of resources (e.g. time & money ) and inclination to collect all relevant information

 Limitations in comprehending all the information

 Lack of a framework for reaching the right decision

Build on the largest career database and utilizing the latest in career decision making and analytics, our platform addresses all the above issues and brings some unique assessment tools to facilitate your search for “your calling”.

We have a solution that can work across your life time and we can provide career guidance for students as well as career guidance for working professionals. Our career assessments are available for school students, engineers, MBA students, graduates and working professionals as well.

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