What career path is best for me ? Confused about finding the best career path? Get career guidance to make an informed career decision, start a free career test to decide your talents, desires, type of personality and knowledge preferences. Tucareers provides comprehensive career guidance and advice from Kolkata’s best career counsellors.

Start with a free career test to find and measure your interests, personality traits, abilities and work preferences.

Why Do You Need Career Counselling in Kolkata ?

There are many career opportunities available to individuals making a career decision. Career counselling is a reliable approach that aims to make better career choices for students and working professionals. GIven the long hours we spend at work, our satisfaction and success in our chosen career often determines the quality and happiness of our lives. The wrong career decisions contribute to disappointment, frustration and discomfort both in our professional and personal lives. Hence an informed decision based on abilities, personality and other important traits is paramount. This is where career counselling comes in. Our comprehensive career tests and counselling facilities in Kolkata will help you make the right choices. Career counselling helps not just in picking the correct subjects or course, but also in chalking out a comprehensive career plan for a successful work life. Our counselling sessions are conducted by the best career counsellors in Kolkata who will provide the accurate career guidance and planning in your preferred area.

Tucareers provides scientifically researched and validated career tests for every individual seeking career counselling and guidance to both school & college students and working professionals looking to make a change. Our free career tests help individuals understand themself to make the right career decision and the recommendations are based on a self evaluation which identifies an individual's skills, interests, personality, knowledge areas, etc. Take the Free Career Test today and see your recommendations. Links for booking a counselling session with the expert counsellors/coaches in Kolkata from your preferred knowledge area.

Tucareers' Career Counselling session in Kolkata helps you in:

  • Choosing the right stream / combination of subjects after 8th or 10th grade
  • Choosing the right course / subjects / branch after 12th grade
  • Choosing the right course / specialization after graduation
  • Choosing the most suitable college for the selected course/field of work
  • Choosing the right profession / role /career path

Why choose Tucareers' career counselling platform in Kolkata ?

  • Researched based and accurate psychometric career assessments for every individual at all levels to make the right career choice
  • Career guidance and counselling from top expert career counsellors in your field/ area to make the right career decision
  • Career Exploration
  • Six phased unique career planning framework based on O*NET (world’s largest occupational database) for planning your successful career
  • College Search
  • College Admission

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Read More about our ONE Workshops a unique intervention provides a complete career exploration of the world of work for Class 8th-9th , Class 10th & Class 11th-12th students

For all supported career and personality tests, refer the Career Toolbox

Career and Education Options in Kolkata

Often called the Cultural Capital of India, Kolkata is the biggest commercial and and educational centre of Eastern India. It is the home to many cultural establishments like Academy of Fine Arts, the Victoria Memorial, the Asiatic Society, the Indian Museum and the National Library of India. Scientifically as well, Kolkata hosts a number of important institutions like the Geological Survey of India, the Calcutta Mathematical Society, the Botanical Survey of India, the Zoological Survey of India, the Indian Science Congress Association, the Institution of Engineers, the Indian Public Health Association and the Anthropological Survey of India.

But perhaps the most important contribution of this region has been in the area of literature, with a huge number of literary greats coming from here, from Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore to author and director Satyajit Ray. Needless to say then that Kolkata is an seat of education for education, not just for east India but the whole country. Important educational institutions in the city include schools like Loreto House, La Martiniere etc and higher education establishments like IIM- C, IIFT, Presidency University etc.