Increasingly, parents and students are becoming aware of the role and long term benefits of career interventions in facilitating good career decisions. Often, subjects and electives are chosen by students without alignment with long term goals and often due to lack of information. Schools and colleges, recognizing the acute need for career guidance and planning in the new career paradigm, are now starting to provide help and guidance to students for making informed choices.

We offer Tucareers Beacon a comprehensive and well researched career planning and guidance solution which the school and colleges can use to facilitate career counselling for their students. We also provide training to school/college counselors on our open and free ONE career intervention (part of our six phased career decision model ONETCPTM) which enables them to provide economical and accurate career guidance to their students in-house.

Tucareers along with its partner organizations also work with schools & colleges to organize career awareness workshops that can assess difficulties and provide information on the world of work. Additionally, the workshops also provide online psychometric assessments, group and individual counseling which enables the students to explore the world of work and their fitment in it. Read More about ONE Career Decision Workshops

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