Research recommends a phased model driven approach, instead of a prescriptive one, for career decision making. This enables an individual to methodically narrow down and reach the final choice(s) with self-discovery and learning. While O*NET is a comprehensive tool for this process, it is also fairly complex for individual decision makers and sometimes, even for counselors who want to use it.

Tucareers ONETCP model for Career Decision Making

Recognizing the above problems, we at Tucareers came up with a six phased career planning model for use with O*NET, which we call ONETCPTM

Some of the key advantages of this approach are:

Phased approach: The different phases (Orient, Navigate, Explore, Track, Choose & Plan) make it easier for an individual to explore the world of work and discover his/her best fitment systematically.

All inclusive: Besides internal factors (critical individual traits), the model also considers external (salary, job opportunities etc.), cultural and social factors (opinion of parents, mentors etc.) as well

Decrease in risk and difficulties: The phased approach largely reduces risks of wrong recommendations and also makes it easy for the career decision maker to holistically reduce his/her difficulties and reach the best choice(s)

Communication between counselor and individual: The different phases also establish a working alliance between the counselor and counselee, an essential factor in career guidance.