Tucareers solution is a robust and comprehensive framework designed to be cost effective, and in keeping with the requirements of mass adoption. Utilizing an open source data base (O*NET), maintained and enhanced by govt. agencies, lets us offer accurate career guidance at an economical price. And a solid research basis and use of established testing tools provide consistent and theory driven career guidance and decision making.

Some of the salient features of our solution for individuals

 Career recommendations provided at multiple levels (clusters, job families, pathways, careers)

 Navigable career recommendations with cross linkages to international and national career standards

 Multi trait assessment capabilities with detailed reporting, multi- lingual support

 Relevancy of test across the lifespan of an individual (career starters and professionals)

 Job zones to facilitate search across different levels of education

Some of the salient features for counselors

 Predictive and recommendation framework to facilitate decision making

 Separate and detailed reports for counselors to help answer queries on ‘what if’ scenarios

 Counselor back end panel for coupon management, bulk invitations, Notes and access to reports

 Support for paper / pencil tests and bulk upload features

 Robust platform keeping group counseling and concurrent usage in mind

 Easy integration with existing websites and white labeled assessment platforms