The right choice of career needs an alignment of the job requirements to multiple internal characteristics (or traits) of the individual. For instance, an alignment of interests and values ensures that the individual stays motivated and eager to learn, and feels satisfied and happy performing his duties. On the other hand, the organization also looks for a match of abilities, personality, skills, knowledge and work context preferences so that the individual’s performance and productivity is as per the requirements of the role.  Lack of alignment of the traits often leads to burn outs, dissatisfaction, performance issues and shorter tenures.

So what are these traits? They are factors that determine the psychology of an individual, and can be determined through various tests.

Tucareers uses standardized career assessments that measure a diverse set of characteristics (as recommended in research and by O*NET) and compare with actual data from different careers, to accurately determine fitment and make recommendations.

Our framework includes 

  • Interest Assessment - Based on the popular and widely used Holland theory which assesses individuals and careers into six types; the recommendations are based on a Person to Environment fit.
  • Work Style & Personality Assessment - Based on personality traits that are critical for work and are identified in various personality tests like Five Factor Model/Big 5, Hogan, CPI etc.
  • Work Values Assessment  - Based on the Theory of Work Adjustment we assess relative importance of activities and work environment features that determine the satisfaction and tenure of the individual.
  • Abilities Assessment  - Focuses on self assessment of a wide array of cognitive, psychomotor and physical abilities which helps an individual accomplish a wide range of career tasks effectively.
  • For professionals we also assess the need and preferences for skill, knowledge, work activities and work context