ONE - Career Guidance Workshop as a group counselling intervention

Let’s face it… the history of bad years, 2020 is perhaps up there with the worst of them. It’s affected the entire world and has left thousands and thousands jobless and even more kids out of school at extremely crucial junctures of their education. The need for career guidance and decision making has never been more felt. Add to this the new gig paradigm, and the shift away from traditional jobs where learn unlearn and relearn is the stark reality, and the need becomes  dire. 

The situation is even more acute in countries like India, where career difficulties are higher because of a predominantly vertical collectivist culture (read more on our research on this subject here ) and with limited counselling offered in schools, decisions get taken in Bounded Rationality

Research has shown that group career interventions are effective in addressing some of the emerging needs. So, these group interventions or workshops as we call them in common terminology, offer a number of advantages over using other methods and are an efficient and cost effective way of group counseling for schools and colleges. 

What's a group career counselling workshops?

Well you may say that we already have been having career workshops since ages so what's new ? Well what is new is the rigor, and scientific and research based temper to it. As an example, most workshops that happen in schools focus around new generation careers and with motivational speaking with some excellent in the moment zest. But does it address the core difficulties? With information at fingertips, students these days are smart enough to find out new and emerging careers anyways. What about other issues that need to be delved into?

We recommend that the workshops need to be overhauled and to think more broadly. The aim shouldn’t be to feed the information but develop a temperament in the attendees to be lifelong learners and career decision makers. Some of the ways we can do it are 

  • Focus on the new career paradigm – the world is really changing fast 

  • Teach them about what’s making the world of work change and how to research new emerging careers in it, rather than give encyclopedic knowledge on every career or course out there 

  • Apprise them of factors which need to be considered while taking a career decision, and show them how to evaluate oneself on those factors. 

  • Make psychometric and career tests cheaper and affordable and make them available in these workshops  

The effectiveness of the intervention should also be measurable in quantitative terms to consider the effect sizes, regardless of how good or motivating  a speaker was. The end goal should be for counselors to empower students to make their choices themselves, through the course of their educational and professional lifetime.

Introducing ONE Career Decision Workshops

We present you the ONE Workshops. Now, we may not be able to address all challenges we point out above however when it comes to research based career interventions, we do know a thing or two!  These interventions have been  done across the board with professionals (including Defense Officers at IIM Indore, Working Managers at IIM Lucknow -Noida ) and at several management colleges (like SIBM Pune , Hyderabad, NIRMA, Jaipuria etc.) with engineering students from 200+ campus’s (Baja  SAE) and at several schools (DPS Siliguri, CMS Lucknow etc.) so that we can ensure that our solution is robust and has the required validity and reliability. We have multi lingual tests as well as we have experienced the need working in schools in semi urban and rural areas.

Tucareers ONE Career Workshop

Also our solution is based on some very credible data from O*NET (the world’s largest open source occupational database), a doctoral thesis, and a research publication in one of the best vocation and educational guidance journals in the world.

We are also open to share our ONE career guidance workshop methodology with schools, colleges, counsellors and coaches !!

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About ONE Career Decision Workshops

ONE workshop is the first three phases Orient , Navigate and Explore of our research based ONETCP career decision model. These first three phases are more effective when group interventions are done and can address career difficulties significantly in participants. The later three phases of one on one counselling are only required then in a fewer participants on a need basis and which they can decide to do at any point in their lives in the future ..

Benefits of Tucareers Group counselling Workshop

  • The assessment results can help the individual to understand one’s strengths / weakness and fitment across different career paths.

  • Identify skills, knowledge gaps and career resources that can be used to address them.

  • Useful for understanding the changing career paradigm of lifelong learning and career decision making and the world of work