BEACON – Career Guidance Platform for Counselling Services

What is a career guidance platform ?

A career guidance platform provides a career decision model, psychometric career tests and other tools and utilities that can help career counsellors and career coaches deliver reliable and economical career counselling services. Increasingly as career paradigms change to a protean outlook, the need is for career guidance platforms to provide life long career support to school & college students as well as working professionals. Tucareers Beacon is a shared and global career guidance platform that is based on the latest in career decision research. These are also called computer aided career guidance systems (CACGS)

What a next generation career guidance platform needs ?

As we mentioned in our blog on changing paradigms in career decision making, traditional methods of career guidance have been around for decades in major countries of the world, but are fast getting obsolete. However, given the speed of change in the world of work, and the advent of the 4th industrial revolution, there is an increasing need for career guidance and counselling which can help students and professionals to navigate their career journey more effectively. Some of the features that a next generation career guidance platform should essentially provide

  1. Model driven approach so that the career decision maker can systematically explore his/her options. Research is unequivocal about the need of a career decision model!!
  2. Research based career tests , non proprietary and those that work across all ages. These should be affordable and provide features for mass adoption.
  3. It should have features that should aid the job of the counsellor. AI cannot replace the role of a counsellor.
  4. Support the paradigm of a non-prescriptive and exploratory approach to career decision making. Top N recommendations are the thing of the past a complete map to all options is needed.
  5. Alignment of the results to career taxonomies and standards which are continuously upgraded. Standardized Career Libraries (options for the decision) are as important as the psychomteric traits (factors).
  6. Use of analytics, AI & non-linear data driven models that can leverage the advancements in technology. Career tests need to be multi trait.
  7. Recommendations based on industry data for predictive validity and high reliability of result. Validation of the framework across cultural groups.

Based on the above and extensive consultation with career counsellors and coaches we have conceptualized the Beacon career guidance platform. The platform has significant enhancements that can provide career counsellors an effective and economical solution for consistent and quality counselling.

Features include our leading and accurate career tests, a dedicated counsellor panel, co-branded reports, open and navigable career and course information and online training along with a counsellor manual. We also offer some significantly innovative advanced features of immense long term value to counsellors.

For example, our ONE Career workshops offering psychometrics at very economical rates, which is the need of the hour and extremely beneficial to schools , colleges , career counsellors, coaches, tutorials, educational consultants and counselling organizations. We integrate our assessments into your site seamlessly and can also integrate your email for sending invites and reports from your end. The career tests and career decision model we offer is best in class internationally and is based on published & cross disciplinary research work with O*NET the largest open source career resource. In fact the career counselling handbook for 2020 cites our research work (first of its kind quantitative study outside USA) as it identifies O*NET as the basis for internationalization in career decision making. So you would not go wrong in choosing Beacon  for building a long term sustainable business.

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Beacon Vs Other Career Guidance Platform Services

Given below a feature comparison with other career guidance and counselling solutions available in the market. Please note that we may be biased towards the features that we offer. Please use your independent research to validate what we mention below.



Beacon from Tucareers

Other Available Solutions

Career Tests

Separate tests for all life stages. Research based & supported by a career decision model. Reliable and valid scales

Single test for all stages. Limited solutions for college and working professionals. Often reliability and validity results doubtful as they use proprietary tests


Most economical psychometric tests and shared career guidance platform. A free career toolbox of evolving tests. Includes AI and NLP based tools.

High assessment costs. Monthly / Annual charges extra for platform. Build on the bias of high price as higher quality

Counselor Panel

Separate Counselor report. Features for group counselling, an emerging need. Multiple counselor panels and org units on same account for scalability.

Counselor reports and a training manual not provided. Limited tools offered for group counselling. Limited or paid options for scalability as an affiliate.

Career Library & Information

Age appropriate open and free career exploration models based on career standards and synced to country, course and college data.

Unreliable career information, limited proof of validity for career information or how psychometric parameters map to career libraries. Sustainability doubtful as careers evolve

Co-branding, White Label & Websites

Co-branded & white label reports, seamless website and email integration. Custom website development & hosting support. Refer a sample counselling website here which can be yours at a very economical price

Test platforms as sub domain on vendor domain. Loss of referral traffic. High charges for IT and digital marketing support. Limited customization for co branding

Onboarding & Training

Free online training videos, career guidance manual & training blogs

Paid certification programs with lopsided partnerships

Business Development

Lead sharing and referrals. Counselling offerings in association with partners. Visibility for counsellors. Innovative solutions to facilitate early presence in schools. Frugal framework, build to last.

Lack collaborative and joint approach for go to market. Competitive offerings towards lucrative segments. Hands off or unequal access to only few partners. High marketing and platform maintenance costs.



Beacon Best in class career guidance platform


If you are an independent career counsellor, educational and foreign admissions consultant, psychological or rehabilitation counsellor, career coach or run a career counselling or skill building organization, or represent the career guidance cell of a school or a college or a tutorial, reach out to build a sustainable competitive advantage.

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