Work Context Assessment

Work Context determines the social psychological and physical conditions under which work is performed. The Work Context area is divided into interpersonal relationships, physical work conditions and the job characteristics and we self assess the desired levels on 15 different work context areas.

Knowing ones desired levels helps to compare with requirements in different roles/occupations. In the new emerging gig economy, job crafting and wanting to work in preferred work settings is becoming prevalent and understanding an individuals preferred work contexts is useful in mentoring working professionals.

  • Responsibility - Amount of responsibility the worker prefers having for other workers as a part of his/her job.
  • Conflictual Contact - Amount of conflict that the worker has readiness to encounter as part of his/her job
  • Criticality of Position - Amount of impact the worker prefers to have on final products and their outcomes.
  • Routine Work - The relative amounts of routine versus challenging work the worker prefers while performing his/her job.
  • High Pressure Work - Description of the role that time plays in the way the worker prefers to perform the tasks required by his/her job.
  • Competition - Amount of competition that the worker prefers to face as part of his/her job.

You can browse the different careers requiring the different work contexts on the ONET site and can use examples of suitable careers while interpreting report to candidates

In the next blog we look at an overview of other assessments included in the career toolbox