One of the recurring thoughts of grade 11 and 12 students is what to do after grade 12. It is an extremely critical stage in a student’s life because the right decision will lead to a rewarding career, while an incorrect one will bear a high course correction cost. There's little scope to change your path once you start a college course, and even if you do, you'll still end up wasting the most significant and fruitful years of your life. The Career Spark Advanced test for students of grades 11 &12 gives you accurate career and course recommendations so that you can make the right decisions for a fulfilling professional life. Research has shown that a nudge in the right direction from the results of a career guidance test, and mentoring by a counselor can go a long way in giving you a direction and a career plan. Choosing a stream and the right combination of subjects, selecting appropriate courses in graduation or further course of study, and even later, in choosing the right role in your career, everything requires the right guidance and you can trust our research based assessments to give you the clarity you need.

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career guidance after 11th and 12th class
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Career Guidance after 11th and 12th Class

Career Spark (Advanced) is suitable for students in Grade 11, 12 and those seeking College admissions

It profiles an individual on the basis of the self-assessment of Interests, Work Styles, Abilities and preferred Knowledge areas

Students will be provided with recommendations on suitable career clusters and pathways, which will provide an understanding of their fitment across different careers in the world of work. The assessment also helps in deciding on education and specialization areas in college (like an engineering or medical branch) and beyond.

The assessment is powered by data from O*NET, the largest open source career database in the world, and provides very accurate recommendations as the candidate's profile is statistically matched with the profiles of successful people in similar careers.

Career test duration is 20 to 25 minutes

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Why Career Guidance after Grade 12th ?

All of us struggle with major career decisions at critical stages of our school life, especially after class 12th. Grade 12 marks the transition from childhood to adult life. So it won’t be incorrect to say that the decisions individuals take this important stage will help shape not just their personal but also their professional life. But when you’ve already chosen your stream and subjects, is there really a need for career guidance? You bet! There will be some who have their paths charted out, with complete knowledge of the entrance exams that they have to appear for. But what about the branch selection or course specialization?

And then there are those who are completely confused about where they want to go from this point. Moreover, the world of work is fast changing and students, now more than ever, have to be proactive in choosing what they want to do in their careers. In addition, given the fast pace of technological advancements, people also need to have a clear idea about upcoming careers and those that will soon become obsolete. Hence Career guidance after 12th class is extremely important.

Making this decision requires one to have an understanding of their strengths weaknesses and also knowing what they’re interested in and passionate about. This journey is aided by career assessments that help people understand how different personal attributes (interests, abilities and work styles) affect their potential success and satisfaction in various career options and environments. Our career guidance framework includes a comprehensive psychometric evaluation allowing us to provide you with the best career advice.

We believe that some tweaking of choices may be required at each critical stage for the optimal subject, course, career and role choices. Since the need extends across an individual’s lifetime, so does our framework, with different tests catering to each stage. Moreover, an individual can always come back to retake an assessment at any later time.

Given our very strong research basis and use of advanced analytics, you cannot go wrong by taking one of our test for career guidance after Class 8th/9th, Class 10th and class 11th or 12th. Refer to the career tests toolbox for a gamut of other career, personality and aptitude tests