We understand the vital role a career counselor or a career coach / career mentor plays in an individual career decision process. A counselor facilitates the decision, interprets the assessment results and often acts as a bridge between a decision maker and parents/family in reaching practical and suitable choice(s). Similarly a career coach , mentors a professional. The need for the counselors, career coaching professionals and mentors is for a research based, comprehensive career counselling and mentoring framework which can help them provide consistent and accurate guidance.

The Tucareers' Beacon career guidance framework is based on the latest in research, is the right career mentoring solution for school and college counselors, career coaches and career mentors and other vocational and guidance experts.

Following are the some of the features and benefits

 Accurate recommendations as per age appropriate career exploration models

 Free Summary Report, Detailed candidate and counselor version of report.

 Navigable content on career pages,courses, linked exams, colleges etc.

 Counselor panels for ease in administering assessments and counseling needs

 Build on data from industry and extensively tested with students and professionals

 Open & global framework based on international career standards

 Several other value added features like multi lingual support, paper pencil tests etc.

 White labeled solution for high volume needs.

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