Nerve Specialist

Minimum MD/DO in Neurology

Minimum experience of up to 4 yearsis required

The tasks a Neurologist is expected to perform include:

Diagnosing and treating nervous diseases of human beings

Conducting examination of different parts of nervous system to find cause of disorder or location of defect

Relating disorder to diseases or disorders in other parts or system of body

Studying clinical tests of cerebrospinal fluid, reports of histo-pathological examination, X-ray of skull and spinal cord system

Deriving and examining history of disorder/disease and possibility of inheriting nervous defects

Prescribing and conducting treatment of patients as required, adopting medicinal and surgical methods

Consulting other specialists to diagnose diseases

Specializing in any technique of diagnosing and treating particular types of nervous diseases

Skilled in providing effective counsel to patients

Ability to develop treatment plans based on diagnosis

Ability to interpret results of laboratoryanalysisof patients' blood or cerebrospinal fluid

Knowledge of supportive care services such as physical therapy, specialized nursing care and social services

Ability to interpret diagnostic tests such as lumbar punctures, electroencephalography, electromyography and nerve conduction velocity tests

Efficient in administering medications such as anti-epileptic drugs and monitoring patients for behavioural and cognitive side effects

Proficient in analyzing neuro-imaging studies such as MRI, SPECT and PET scans

Ability to perform specialized treatments in areas such as sleep disorders, neuro-immunology, neuro-oncology, behavioural neurology and neuro-genetics

Not required

Excellent inter-personal skills

Patient predisposition

Good eye-hand co-ordination

Team player


Ability to work under pressure

It is a desk job

Need to handlea team of nurses and other medical staff

Local travelling is not a part of this job role

Part-time work and contractual jobs are available

Work from home option maybeavailable

Working hours

Hospitals/clinics usually work for 6/7 days a week and 8/10 hours everyday. This may vary from hospital to hospital

Shift system is available

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?No

This job is notlisted as hazardous or dangerous under The Factories Act, 1948 (section 87)

One may develop occupational hazards such asstress on eyes, mental and physical strain, joint pains, etc. if not taken care of

For freshers - INR 25,000 to INR35,000 per monthFor candidates with experience - INR75,000 to INR83,000 per month(These figures are indicative and subject to change)

Market Size and Expected Growth of the Indian Health Care Sector

According to a report by India Brand Equity Foundation, the Indian healthcare industry is projected to continue its rapid expansion, with an estimated market value of US$ 280 billion by 2020, on the back of increased population growth in India's low income communities.

Large investments by private sector players are likely to contribute significantly to the development of India's hospital industry and the sector is poised to grow to US$ 100 billion by the year 2015 and further to US$ 280 billion by 2020.

The diagnostic market is the fastest growing segment of India's healthcare industry, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), with the segment forecasted to grow to US$ 17 billion by 2021.

The rising demand for medical care and related services across the country poses a great potential for employment and a strong career for aspiring Neurologists and other medical practitioners.

Government and private hospitals

Medical colleges


Cities and towns across India