Healthcare includes the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness, impairments, injuries and diseases. Companies in this sector provide medical care through services and products related to the maintenance and improvement of health. India’s healthcare industry is the fourth largest employment provider in the country. Pharmaceuticals, hospitals (Government and Private), diagnostics (pathology and imaging), medical insurance, medical equipment and supplies, and telemedicine are the key components of India’s healthcare market. The healthcare market of India is expected to triple in value by 2022. An upsurge in demand for affordable healthcare delivery techniques and systems, along with growth in the occurrence of lifestyle diseases, increase in healthcare costs, the advent of telemedicine, technological advancements, rapid health insurance penetration, government initiatives etc are creating are all factors driving the growth of the healthcare market in India.
The Healthcare sector has the Allied Health & Paramedics sub-sector under it. This sub-sector comprises of paramedical healthcare staff and technicians.

Related Sub-Sectors

  • Allied Health & Paramedics