Jig Borer

Jig Boring Machine Operator

The tasks a Jig Borer is expected to perform include:

Setting and operating precision jig boring machine for making highly accurate holes in jigs, fixtures, castings, etc.

Studying drawings and other specifications

Calculating locations and sizes of holes to be drilled, pitch centre distances, etc.

Marking the object to indicate exact position of holes to be bored

Setting machine table and fastening metal or object on it in perfect level

Fitting centring tool in chuck in machine spindle

Adjusting machine table position and locking movement

Fixing the exact size of hole to be made

Setting feed and speed as necessary

Maintaining coolant as required while working

Skilled in working with tools like clamps, fixtures, jigs, etc.Knowledge of precision devices used on jig machines

Knowledge of operating jig boring machines

Ability to read drawings of the products

Efficient in oiling, cleaning and maintenance of the machine

Not required

Physically fit



Manual dexterity

It is not a desk job

Need not handle a team

Local travelling is not necessary

Part-time work and contractual jobs are not available

Work from home option is not available

Working hours

Companies usually work for 5/6 days a week and 8/9 hours everyday. This may vary from company to company Shift system maybe available

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?No

This job is not considered hazardous or dangerous as per The Factories Act, 1948 (section 87)

For freshers - INR 5,000 to INR10,000 per month

For candidates with experience - INR8,000 to INR16,000 per month

(These figures are indicative and subject to change)

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