Capital goods are goods used in the production of other goods or services. The capital goods and manufacturing industry thus serves as the basis for a host of sectors like consumer goods, engineering, infrastructure and construction, among others. Today, this sector plays a very important role in the country’s growth and is responsible for both creating jobs and boosting exports. The Capital goods and Manufacturing industry is steering ahead with great pace in India, owing to key drivers like high capital investment and government support. As the sector is booming, it is ensuring employment for a large working age population.
The Indian Capital Goods sector is a multi-level, diverse one, encompassing several sub-sectors within in, with Capital Goods Machine Tools, Plastics Manufacturing Machinery, Textile Manufacturing Machinery, Process Plant Machinery, Electrical and Power Machinery, Dies, Moulds and Press Tools, and Light Engineering Goods being some of them.
In particular, India's Process Plant Machinery sub-sector is vital for the country’s economic progress. The Liberal government policies, increasing demand of processing units and the penchant for setting up low-cost plants in India will accelerate growth in this segment. This sub-sector is likely to pick up the pace and generate numerous jobs in the coming years.
The Machine Tools industry is growing by leaps and bounds as it provides machinery for the entire manufacturing sector. With industrial production on an all-time high and substantial emphasis on capital investment by the government, the machine tools industry is all set to witness unprecedented growth.
Earthmoving and Construction Equipment has enjoyed strong growth over the years as a result of rapid economic development in the country and made enormous progress in both size and diversity. The increase in overall level of infrastructure development and construction activity has made this sub-sector a haven for job seekers.
The Electrical and Power Machinery sub-sector is one of the fastest growing fields in this sector since rapid globalization has lead to a huge demand for technically sound professionals to keep pace with growing industrial needs.
The future of Plastic Manufacturing Machinery sub-sector looks promising and bright. The increase in global and domestic demand for plastic and its products has assured the growth of the plastic manufacturing machinery industry in India.
Increasing demand, especially in the urban areas, is a major reason for the growth trajectory of both the Light Engineering Goods and the Dies, Mould and Press Tools sub-sectors. The number of skilled labour and professionals in India gives it an edge above the rest.
The textile manufacturing machinery industry is set for strong growth buoyed by strong demand for textiles in both the domestic and international market. Manufacturers are now utilizing sophisticated textile machinery to produce the best goods, and meet the increasing demand of the global and national markets.

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