Thatch Cutter, Thatch Roof

Minimum ? No entry barrier

Not required

The tasks a Thatch Cutter is expected to perform include:Cutting straws or bushes in grasslands or forests Cutting matured green straw using sickle or scythe

Tying the straw into sheaves of convenient thickness

Drying the sheaves of green straw in the Sun

Shuffling the stacks once or twice so that the green sheaves at the bottom also dry out in the Sun

Removing the dried straw by hand or through cart from the field

Storing the dried straw in a safe place

Skilled in operating cutting tools

Knowledge of how to dry straw Skilled in recognizing a mature green straw

Skilled in driving a cart

Ability to liaise with the middlemen, vendors, etc.

Will be updated

Physically fit and strong

Hardworking and persistent


Ability to work independently

It is a field job

Work from home is not applicable for this profile

May supervise a team of other Thatch Cutters

Part-time and contractual jobs maybe found

Local travelling is part of the job

Working hours

Flexible working hours

Shift system is not available in this job

Overtime maybe required

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?No

This job is not considered dangerous or hazardous

Health risks include exposure to extreme weather conditions and dust

Occupational hazards include back/neck pain and injury to body while using sharp tools

For daily wage workers - INR200 to INR400 per day (These figures are indicative and subject to change)

Thatch Roofs Demand in India

In many modern versions of roofs, there are structures with G.I. sheet roofing as the underside then topped with thatch. This clears the fear of fire and rodents. Grass reeds can be tied together like broom sticks, topped on each other to get a very dense roof layer, which lasts many years. Thatched roofs have reduced, yet continue to be among the best options, given certain criteria. Their strong visual character makes them desirable in resorts, retreats and farms. In many villages, thatched roofs are still widespread.

Thatched roofs are the most popular type of roof structure in villages of India. The demand of thatch has increased due its usages in construction activities in cities also. Given these factors, job vacancies for Thatch Cutters are plentiful.


Thatch roof makers

Agriculture farms

Dairy and livestock farms

Job openings are in Tier III cities