The agriculture sector is the most important of the Indian economy. This sector accounts for a big chunk of our gross domestic product and provides employment to almost half of our country's workforce. With a large number of people either directly involved with farming, or indirectly doing business with the products, agriculture is considered the backbone of our economy.
India is the world’s largest producer of rice, spices, wheat, pulses and spice products.
India has always been an agrarian society and till date agriculture continues to be the mainstay of the Indian economy. The agricultural sector has tremendous potential for sustainable development and expansion of employment opportunity. The modern agricultural industry is divided into a number of sub sectors. These sub sectors are interlinked and interdependent in many ways and work in tandem to make agriculture the backbone of the Indian economy. Some of the common areas of speciality include Agriculture Crop Production, Agriculture Allied Activities, Forestry Environment and Renewable Energy Management, Agriculture industries etc.
The Agriculture Industries sub sector is of strategic importance in enabling robust agriculture sector growth. Agriculture industries add value and increase demand for farmers’ produce, thereby stimulating economic growth. The main success contributors for this sub sector are rapid population growth, urbanization and changing lifestyle and consumer preferences.
The Agricultural Crop Production sub sector, in particular, is expected to grow with greater momentum over the next few years. Several factors such as better irrigation, warehousing and cold storage facilities, reduced transaction costs and overall government initiative have contributed to this ascending trend.
Similarly, factors contributing to the growth of the Agricultural Allied Activities sub sector are growing infrastructure, better networking and increasing government support. This gives this sub sector a promising and bright future in the country.
The forestry, environment and renewable energy management sub-sector has shown positive trends in the recent past and is expected to show the same trend in future. Rising awareness and improving infrastructure are the major factors behind its growth.
Today, working in the agricultural sector can mean more than just working in fields. Agricultural career options go well beyond farming and animal rearing.

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