Oil Distillery, Turpentine Oil, Eucalyptus Oil

Minimum ? Preferably 10th pass

Relevant experience in oil distillation

The tasks a Distiller, Turpentine and Eucalyptus is expected to perform include:

Operating distiller to refine crude turpentine or eucalyptus oil obtained from wood or leaves

Manipulating valves and charges of the still with crude turpentine or eucalyptus oil at regulated rate of flow

Connecting outlet tubes of the still to receiving jars or containers

Closing openings and inlets of the still

Maintaining cold water circulation inside the condensing unit

Manipulating steam injection valves to allow the still to be heated up to a prescribed degree of temperature

Checking meter reading and maintaining heating at required temperature for prescribed period

Monitoring oil vapour passage through coolers to get condensed oil and water

Observing oil and water being collected in different containers

Directing pumping of primary bulk oil to an over head measuring tank for further processing

Watching progress and manipulating valves at proper time interval

Operating the still to extract essential and other medicinal oils, if required

Filling bottles with distilled oil in prescribed quantities

Proficient in operating a distiller

Knowledge of the entire process of oil distillation of turpentine and eucalyptus

Familiar with the working process of a still

Knowledge of trees which gives turpentine and eucalyptus oils

Knowledge of different parameters like temperature, pressure, etc. required for different oils

Skilled in handling the tools and equipment required for the job\

Proficient in monitoring the temperature and pressure of the still to avoid any accidents on the site

Knowledge of reading different meters installed in the still


Expertise and hands-on experience in distillation process

Manual dexterity and stability

Ability to work independently

Hardworking and persistent




It is not a field job

Work from home is not applicable for this profile

May supervise a team of other workers

Part-time and contractual jobs are not available

Local travelling is not part of the job

Working hours

Working is 9 hours everyday for 6 days a week

Overtime and shift system may be involved
Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?No

Health risks include exposure to extreme temperatures, heat, gases, chemicals, etc.Occupational hazards include back/neck pains, injury to body from handling hot objects

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Overview of Fragrance and Flavor Industry in India1

The Fragrance and Flavour (F&F) industry overall includes fragrances, flavours, essential oils, aroma chemicals and specialty aroma ingredients. The Food, Home, and Personal Care Industries are the largest consumers of flavours and fragrances. The beverages and confectionery industry segment drive the world flavours market and likewise increasing demand for cosmetics, household, and personal care products drives the fragrance industry. Trends indicate that the world F&F demand including essential oils, natural extracts, and aroma chemicals will rise 4.4% a year to reach $26.5 billion in 2016. The increasing consumer interest in natural products will drive value demand forward, as natural flavour and fragrance ingredients tend to be more expensive. Increasing packaged food manufacturing, and consumption of convenience products requiring higher flavour usage, will also drive faster growth especially in developing countries. Rising personal consumption expenditures in emerging economies will stimulate use of Home and Personal Care products contributing to industrial growth.

The use of turpentine oil and eucalyptus oil is not limited to fragrance industry only. These oils are widely used for medicinal purposes also.

Turpentine and eucalyptus oil producing companies

Job openings are in Tier II and Tier III cities2

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Fragrance & Flavour Development Centre (FFDC) Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India G. T. Road, Makrand Nagar, Kannauj ? 209 726 (U. P.) Ph. : 05694-234465, 234791 Fax No. : 05694-235242