7317-Handicraft workers in wood, basketry and related materials

Job Title ( International classification ): 
Handicraft workers in wood, basketry and related materials
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Job Description: 
Handicraft workers in wood and related materials apply traditional techniques like seasoning, impregnation to prepare wood, straw, rattan, reeds, stone, clay, shells, and other materials, and carve, mould, assemble, weave, or paint and decorate various articles for personal or household use, or for decorative purposes. Basketry weavers, brush makers and related workers select and prepare materials like bristles, nylon, fibre, bass, whisker and wire to make wicker furniture, brushes and brooms and weave various kinds of baskets.

Main Tasks include -

  • (a) preparing wood, straw, rattan, reeds, stone, shells, or similar materials
  • (b) carving floral and artistic designs on wooden surfaces for decorative purposes
  • (c) painting free hand decorative designs on glass and pottery or porcelain ware
  • (d) carving, assembling, weaving, painting and decorating various articles for personal or household use such as salad bowls, serving-spoons, cutting-boards, trays, vases, jugs, baskets, straw hats, straw mats and similar objects
  • (e) carving, assembling, weaving and painting various decorative articles such as statues and other sculptures, chess pieces, jewellery, and similar objects
  • (f) making wicker furniture from peeled and softened rattan, reeds, rushes, willow branches and similar materials
  • (g) making various kinds of baskets by interlacing osier, rattan, reeds, rushes or similar materials
  • (h) forming bottom of basket by interlacing strips of rattan, wood veneer or other material with framework of rods of material such as willow
  • (i) inserting rods around edge of bottom between woven sections of bottom and bending them upright to serve as framework for sides
  • (j) selecting and preparing brush materials, such as bristles, nylon, fibres and wire, and setting them in brush base (k) selecting and preparing materials, such as broom corn, bass , whisker and fibre, and fastening them to broom handles

Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Reed weaving handicraft worker
- Stone articles handicraft worker
- Wooden articles handicraft worker
- Basket maker
- Brush maker
- Wicker furniture maker


Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Machine operator (stone products) - 8114
- Machine operator (wood products) - 7523

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