Any career assessment and guidance system should have the following features:a non- proprietary approach, accuracy and standardized scales. Another critical requirement is that the system should be based on actual research data collected from industry professionals. And finally, the career taxonomies (number of careers recommended) used should be comprehensive and complete.

Keeping the above in mind, the Tucareers solution has been developed with the following features

O*NET based model

 A strong research base across disciplines in decision sciences & career decision making

 Built on actual career data from O*NET, the largest occupational database in the world, collected over six decades from professionals across all industry segments.

 The assessment framework uses standardized nonproprietary assessment scales, with an individual career fitment considered on more than 100 variables

 Considerations of cultural elements for customizing O*NET's usage outside USA, and enhancements that significantly increase decision value for career decision makers

 Based on established career classifications with cross linkages to national and international career standards

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