Tent Stitcher

Tent Repairer

Tent Maker

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Previous relevant work experience

The tasks a Sewer, Tent (Hand), is expected to perform include: Sewing together pieces of cloth or canvas by hand to make tents

Laying pieces to be stitched back to back

Placing tape (niwar) between edges and temporarily stitching parts together leaving gaps for eyelets, loops and rope

Reshaping portions that do not fit properly and sew parts with final stitching.Stitching rope loops to bottom of tent

Knowledge of making tents

Knowledge of stitching fabrics with tape

Proficient in reshaping any portion that does not fit properly

Competent with cutting, sewing and measuring skills

Knowledge of how to use and care for equipment

Sewing and sketching skills


Creative thinking

Commercial awareness

Effective communication skills

Time management skills

Good hand-eye coordination

It is not a desk job

Need not handle a team Local travelling is a part of this job role

Part-time work and contractual jobs are available in some cities

Work from home option is not available

Working hours

Companies usually work for 5/6 days a week and 8/9 hours everyday. This may vary from company to company

Shift system maybe available

Being self-employed is also an option. In that case, the working hours and days are flexible

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?

This job is suitable for candidates with One Leg ( OL), Both Leg (BL), Muscular Weakness (MW) and Hearing Impaired (HH)

This job is considered mildly hazardous or dangerous Occupational hazards include strained vision, cuts, wounds, back aches, joint pain, fatigue, stress etc.Health risks include exposure to needles, sharp cutting tool, etc.

For candidates with up to 2 years? experience - INR to INR per monthFor candidates with 2 to 5 years? experience ? INR to INR per monthFor candidates with over 5 years? experience ? INR to INR per month(These figures are indicative and subject to change)

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