Indian apparel industry is the second largest manufacturer in the world and a major contributor to the economy, both in terms of exports and its domestic share. It is a frontrunner for employment generation in the country, second only to the agricultural sector in terms of job creation. It is estimated that over 50 million people are directly involved in the manufacturing of apparels, while about 20 million are employed in related industries.
India is among the very few countries which have presence across the entire supply chain, from natural and synthetic fibres right up to finished goods manufacturing. It has presence in organised mill sector as well as decentralised sectors like handloom, power loom, silk, etc.
Indian carries a history of apparel and textiles of fine craftsmanship and global appeal, with Indian denim, cotton and silk in demand abroad. Indian apparel has gained success in the world’s fashion with the upsurge in design talent of India. In the upcoming future, the exports of India’s apparel to developed markets are expected to increase manifold.

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