AC Specialist

AC Mechanic

AC Technician

Air Conditioning

Minimum ? Preferably ITI graduate in Electrical/Mechanical

Certified training for AC Specialist (programme aligned to ASC/Q 1416 released by Automotive Skills Development Council)

Preferably 1-2 years if ASDC AC Specialist certificate holder or holder of Diploma in Automotive RepairPreferably 3-5 years for other qualifications

The tasks an AC Specialist is expected to perform include:

Installing an air conditioning system in vehicles

Servicing and carrying out routine maintenance of air conditioning systems in vehicles

Repairing the air conditioning system and related components in a vehicle

Planning and organizing work to meet quality standards and deadlines

Monitoring the work environment to meet health, safety and security requirements

Understanding the overall functioning of an air conditioning system

Expertise in testing, cleaning, inspecting and evaluating the air conditioning systems of each variant of the OEM vehicles

Knowledge of how to install various air conditioning components

Expertise in using various tools, equipment and methods of maintaining air conditioning systems

Adept at conducting system testing and final inspection along with overall performance of the vehicle

Ability to analyze problems

Knowledge of air conditioning company products and their competitors

Understanding the functioning of the technical parts of OEM vehicles

Diploma in Automotive Repair or Mechanical/Electrical

Previous on-the-job training

Good communication skills

Good interpersonal skills

Good listening skills

Technical bend of mind


Problem solving skills

Analytical skills

Attention to detail

It is not a desk job

Need not handle a team

Local travelling is a part of this job role

Part-time work and contractual jobs are available in some cities

Work from home option is not available

Working hours

Working is 8 hours every day for 5 days a week

Maybe required to work in shifts, on weekends and holidays

Self-employed AC Specialists have flexible working days and hours

Overtime is common in this profession

Shift system may be available in some companies

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?No

This job is potentially dangerous or hazardous.

One may develop occupational hazards like increased risk of physical injuries, shocks, accidents, etc.

Health risks include exposure to chemicals and gases

1-2 years? experience ?INR7,500 to INR12,500 per month

3-5 years? experience ?INR15,000 to INR25,000 per month

(These figures are indicative and subject to change)

Indian Air Conditioner Market Forecast

The market for air conditioners in India has been on a steady growth apart from certain exceptions. The perception of people towards the category of this product has witnessed a paradigm shift over the years from a luxury product to becoming a necessity in the hot humid weather conditions of India. Increasing demand by the residential sector owing to reduction in prices has instigated the manufacturers to aim for a higher market share in the highly potential market of air conditioners in India. The demand from the commercial segment is catching up fast with the increasing number of commercial offices, stores and business apartments being set up, as compared to the demand from the residential segment.

According to?India Air Conditioner Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2017?the air conditioner market is poised for greater growth over next five years. The Indian air conditioner market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 13.6% for the next five years. Increasing disposable income, rising weather temperature, falling prices of air conditioners coupled with the latest technological innovations increasing the cooling efficiency and increasing the commercialization of the economy, are factors which are driving the air conditioners market in India.

Future Trends of the Indian Automotive Industry2

The liberalization of the Indian industry saw significant growth in the Indian Automotive Industry. Today, the Indian Automotive Industry is a significant contributor to the Indian economy, contributing nearly 5% to the country?s GDP and about 17-18% to the kitty of indirect taxes to the government, while investment outlay stood over Rs. 83,500 crores in 2008-09. With its wide penetration and strong influence on the country?s economic and industrial development, the auto sector is indeed one of the major drivers of our economy. Moreover, economic liberalization coupled with a technological, cost and manpower advantage have made India one of the prime business destinations for many global automotive players.

With its strong influence on the country?s economic and industrial development, it is indeed one of the major drivers of our economy. The sector has moderate direct employment and significant indirect employment, it is estimated that the sector provides direct and indirect employment to over 13 million people. This means there will be an increase in job opportunities for AC Specialists.

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