India is one of the important players in the automotive industry globally. With the government's Make in India campaign, this sector is one of the most talked-about in the Indian economy. The automotive sector has tremendous potential for sustainable development and the expansion of employment opportunities.
A young population demographics and a growing middle class account for the two-wheelers segment dominating the domestic market. Furthermore, increasing interest of organizations in exploring the rural markets is also aiding the growth of this sector.
The modern automotive industry is divided into a number of sub-sectors. Some of them include Manufacturing, Automotive Vehicle Sales, Automotive Vehicle Service, Auto Components (Manufacturers and Dealers), Road Transportation, Petrol Pump Operations, Supply Chain Management, Research and Development etc. All these sub-sectors together hold the key to a better functioning of the automotive sector.
Auto components manufacturers and dealers in a particular has shown remarkable growth in India in the past two decades. Increasing spending capacity of working-class, and many global auto companies setting the plants here has given a boost to the Indian employment generation scenario.
Supply Chain Management is a customer-centric sub-sector and requires a lot of precision and good management. This sub-sector holds the key to the future of automotive in India making the country a dominant force in the global automotive industry.
Over the years the Indian petroleum industry has played an influential part in triggering the speedy expansion of India's economy. With growing urbanization, India is witnessing a lot of growth in the automotive sector triggering an automatic growth in the Petrol Pump Operation sub-sector.
The Road transport sub-sector in India has expanded manifold over the last decade. The growing economy of India has been witnessing a rising demand for transport services thereby creating more employment opportunities in this sector.
India is a substantial auto exporter with the solid export growth expectations for the near future. In particular, India's automobile manufacturing sub-sector is vital for its economic progress. Furthermore, liberal government policies and increase in demand will boost manufacturing segments to pick up pace thereby generating employment.
The automotive research and development sub-sector has been playing a crucial role in the overall growth of the Automobile sector. This sub-sector constantly strives to develop innovative products and stay abreast with the latest developments in the auto industry, positioning the country prominently on the global automotive map. More and more global companies wishing to make India their R&D hub is also giving this sector enormous opportunities.
The high rise of the automotive sector mainly rides on automotive vehicle sales sub sector. This segment has clocked a remarkable growth in sales due to rising demands for automobiles in both ruler and urban markets. Over the past years, the sales sector has flourished a lot in India and as expected to grow remarkable in coming years.
Already a prominent automotive exporter, India still has strong export growth expectations in the upcoming future. Moreover, multiple beneficial initiatives taken by the Indian Government and the significant automobile players in the Indian market are expected to make India a leader in the four-wheeler and two-wheeler market in the world by 2020.

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