Soldering and Brazing Operator

Vehicle Welder

Minimum ? ITI graduate with Mechanical / Welding Technology

Certified training for Soldering and Brazing Operator (programme aligned to

ASC/Q 4201 released by Automotive Skills Development Council)

Minimum experience of 3-4 years in the soldering/brazing/welding process

The tasks a Soldering and Brazing Operator is expected to perform include: Joining various metallic parts during the automobile component manufacturing process

Conducting quality checks on output product

Maintaining a safe & healthy working environment

Ensuring the required material is procured from the store before starting the welding process

Ensuring that the Helper/Assistant operator cleans the surface of the soldering rod/brazing gun, wire reels, flux hoppers Setting up the soldering and brazing apparatus as per the selected welding process

Conducting actual soldering and brazing process

Monitoring process parameters

Maintaining records of production and quality

Knowledge of reading sketches and engineering drawings

Familiar with different types of soldering and brazing processes and associated equipment

Knowledge of different types of welds and joints

Basic knowledge of different types of flux/solder material used and their chemical properties

Basic knowledge of principles of geometrical shapes, tolerance, etc.

Skill to visualize the final product output

Basic knowledge of metallurgical properties of the metals

Familiar with hazards and safety aspects involved

Knowledge of different cleaning methods for electrodes, metal surfaces, etc.

Skilled in using measuring instruments like Vernier calliper, micrometres, etc.

Familiar with the welding standards for the automotive industry

Knowledge of physical parameters of the properties of final output

Basic knowledge of 5S in the manufacturing industry

Basic knowledge of robotics and electronics process

Knowledge of different types of defects in welding and their impact

Manual dexterity

Physically fit

Training in:Different soldering and brazing techniques used in the organization

Geometric dimensioning and tolerance Different soldering and brazing standards Problem solving techniques Quality management system

IT systems and ERP

Good organization skills

Quality conscious

Quick decision maker


It is not a desk job

Needs to handle a team of Helpers and Assistant Operators

Local travelling is not a part of this job role

Part-time work and contractual jobs are not available

Work from home option is not available
Working hours

Working is 9 hours every day for 6 days a week Shift system and overtime may or may not be involved according to the company norms

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?No

One may develop occupational hazards like back/neck pains, etc.

Health risks include exposure to dust, equipment noise and welding fumes

For candidates with experience -INR12,000 toINR20,000 per month

(These figures are indicative and subject to change)

Growth Trends in the Automotive Industry in India

The growth of the Indian Auto Component Industry in the first decade of the twenty first century is phenomenal. The Industry transformed gradually in stages from serving just the Indian market, to the replacement market, to global OEMs and the replacement market. Now, the Auto Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA) has significance because of its global recognition and has a positive impact on GDP. It has played a vital role in the growth of the Indian Automobile sector in last few years and in future as per the Automotive Plan 2006-16, and the automotive sector five year plan 2012?17, as projected by the Department of Heavy Industry.

The job of the Soldering and Brazing Operator is crucial in all manufacturing units. This job is not industry-specific; the demand of welders can be found in all types of manufacturing units. Hence, there is great potential in the automotive sector as well as other industries too. This means there will be an increase in job opportunities for Soldering and Brazing Operators.

Mechanical assembly plants

Cities across India