Car Painter

Car Paint Refinishing

Minimum ? 10th

Certified training for Painter Level 4 (programme aligned to ASC/ Q 1406 released by Automotive Skills Development Council)

On-the-job training is desirable for ASDC Painter Level 4 certificate holders or ITI Diploma holders

The tasks a Painter Level 4 is expected to perform include:

Understanding vehicle structure and function

Preparing body surfaces of motor vehicles

Choosing colours and designs for vehicles

Applying paint and other coatings manually or through sprays

Mixing variation of colours

Sanding, filling and shaping activities

Ability to assess the damage done to the paint and identify the repair or replacement needs

Efficient in carrying out the painting work on vehicles

Skilled in replacing painted body panels

Efficient in ensuring zero contamination to the finished surface

Familiar with all the tools and equipment and required safety norms prior to use

Proficient in fitting and balancing the replaced and refitted parts

Skilled in installing the re-touched car components

Ability to maintain a healthy, safe and secure working environment

Basic arithmetic skills

Knowledge of the latest technological advancements

Physically fit

Manual dexterity and stability

ITI Diploma

Ability to work independently

Hardworking and persistent


Self-directed learner


Team player

Good communication skills

Attention to details

It is a field job

May require supervising other Body Shop Painters or Assistants

Travelling is not a part of the job

Part-time jobs maybe available

Work from home option is not available

Working hours

Working is 9 hours everyday for 6 days a week

Overtime is common

Being self-employed is also an option. In this case, the working hours and days will be flexible.

Shift system maybe applicable

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?No

Health risks include exposure to extreme temperatures, gases, chemicals, paints, spirits, polishes, odours, etc.Occupational hazards include physical stress, constant contact with machine parts, equipment, sanding tools, etc.

For a daily wage worker -INR91 toINR250 per day

For freshers -INR8,000 toINR10,000 per month

For candidates with experience -INR12,000 toINR15,000 per month

(These figures are indicative and subject to change)

Current Scenario

The total automotive coatings production in India stood at 76.1 kilo tonnes (KT) in 2012-13 and is forecasted to reach 134.7 KT by 2017-18. Although the OEM coatings segment accounts for 75% of the total market share in terms of volume, the refinished coatings segment is expected to witness higher growth rates.

The auto OEM market is highly consolidated, with multinational coating manufacturers capturing over 95% of the market. These multinationals operate via joint ventures or marketing collaborations with Indian majors. Traditionally, the OEM coating market has witnessed long-term contracts between coating suppliers and OEM participants.

The trend in the industry is having these contracts between participants belonging to the same country of origin. For instance, Suzuki (Japanese) has Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd (KNPL, Japanese) as its major supplier. Similarly, Toyota (Japanese) has KNPL and Nippon Paint (NP, Japanese) as its major suppliers, and Hyundai (South Korean) has KCC Chemicals (South Korea) as one of its major suppliers.


Automobile dealerships

Car companies

Car service stations

Cities across India

Will be updated

ITIs across India

Model schools across India

Government schools across India

Municipal schools across India

Om Sai Fabrications and Training Center Private Limited, Chennai

Corrosion Science & Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology