Manager Horticulture Farm, Farm Manager

Minimum ? Preferably Bachelor?sdegree in Agriculture

Minimum 1 ? 5 years of work experience in related field

The tasks a Manager, Horticulture Farm is expected to perform include:Directing and co-ordinating farm activities such as farm development, irrigation, chemical application and harvesting

Evaluating reports and observes operations to monitor progress of work, detect problems and resolve them

Determining and authorizing alternative procedures to accommodate variables, such as weather conditions, water supply, stage of crop or tree development and new legislation

Co-ordinating farm department activities with those of engineering, equipment maintenance, packing house and other related departments

Analyzing financial statements and making budget proposals

Initiating actions for company policy and safety regulations

Knowledge of maintaining records of cost, sale and other accounts

Abreast with the latest technology and developments in variety of fruits and vegetables

Basic knowledge of arithmetic and accounting

Efficient in hiring and supervising workers

Knowledge of soil types and climatic conditions required for different crops

Familiar with nutrient management in soil

Basic knowledge of integrated insect, pest and disease management for crop

Familiar with irrigation management

Familiar with harvest and post-harvest management

Equipped to assimilate market information

Skilled in making business plans for farming activities

Proficient in managing big orchards

Skilled in marketing and sales

Will be updated

Manual dexterity

Physically fit

Attention to detail

Ability to work independently

Ability to take risks

Hardworking and persistent



Ability to negotiate

Leadership skills

It is a field job

Work from home is not applicable

Part-time work and contractual jobs may be available

The candidate will supervise farm supervisors and workers

Local travelling maybe part of the job

Working hours

Working hours are not fixed

Overtime may be involved

Shift system may be applicable as per the farm norms

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?Maybe

This job is not considered hazardous or dangerous

Health risks include exposure to extreme weather conditions, pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, dust and equipment noise, etc.Occupational hazards include injury to body while using heavy farm equipment, etc.

For candidates with experience ? INR 8,800 to INR 25,000 per month

(These figures are indicative and subject to change)

Overview of Horticulture Sector in India

Theincreaseinproduction of horticultural cropsis the result of usage of betterqualityofresourcesandequipment.Itisestimatedthatthetrendwillcontinueinthesamefashionfortheyearstocome,ifnotenhanced.Thesectorisimportantfromtheviewofexportalso.

India is the leading producer and exporter of spices, particularly chillies and turmeric. Mango, citrus, banana and pomegranate are the important fruits being produced and exported. Among flowers, rose, gladiolus and dry flowers are mainly exported. Pickles and mango pulp are the main processed products that are exported.

With the high demand of exports coupled with in-house demand the production of horticulture crops will increase, creating more opportunities for Orchard Managersand Manager, Horticultural Farm.

Farm owners

Agriculture co-operative organizations

Job openings are in Tier III cities