7211-Metal moulders and coremakers

Job Title ( International classification ): 
Metal moulders and coremakers
ISCO Code: 
Job Description: 
Metal moulders and coremakers make moulds and cores for casting metal.

Main Tasks include -

  • (a) making moulds by hand or using auxiliary machines on a bench for small metal castings, on the foundry floor, or in a pit for large castings
  • (b) making cores for use in metal moulds
  • (c) cleaning and smoothing moulds, core boxes, and repairing surface imperfections
  • (d) moving and positioning work pieces such as mould sections, patterns, and bottom boards, using cranes, or signalling others to move work pieces
  • (e) positioning patterns inside mould sections and clamping sections together
  • (f) cutting spouts, runner holes and sprue holes into moulds
  • (g) lifting upper mould sections from lower sections and remove moulded patterns.

Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Coremaker
- Metal casting moulder

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