6224-Hunters and trappers

Job Title ( International classification ): 
Hunters and trappers
ISCO Code: 
Job Description: 
Hunters and trappers catch and kill mammals, birds or reptiles mainly for meat, skin, feathers and other products, for sale or delivery on a regular basis to wholesale buyers, marketing organizations or at markets

Main Tasks include -

  • (a) setting traps to catch mammals, birds or reptiles
  • (b) killing trapped or free mammals, birds or reptiles with firearms or other weapons
  • (c) skinning and otherwise treating killed mammals, birds or reptiles to obtain desired products for sale or delivery
  • (d) delivering or selling trapped live mammals, birds or reptiles
  • (e) repairing and maintaining equipment.

Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Fur trapper
- Seal hunter
- Whale hunter

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