6210-Forestry and related workers

Job Title ( International classification ): 
Forestry and related workers
ISCO Code: 
Job Description: 
Forestry and related workers plan, organize and perform operations to cultivate, conserve and exploit natural and plantation forests.

Main Tasks include -

  • (a) assessing sites for reforestation, selecting seedlings and planting trees using manual planting tools and establishing and caring for forest stands
  • (b) locating trees to be felled and estimating volume of timber
  • (c) operating chainsaw and other power saws to thin young forest stands, trim, top and fell trees and saw them into logs
  • (d) shaping rough wooden products from logs at felling site
  • (e) stacking logs and loading them in chutes or floating them down rivers
  • (f) keeping watch to detect forest fires, participating in fire fighting operations, completing fire fighting reports and maintaining fire fighting equipment
  • (g) controlling weeds and undergrowth in regenerating forest stands using manual tools and chemicals
  • (h) operating and maintaining a skidder, bulldozer or other prime mover to pull a variety of scarification or site preparation equipment over areas to be regenerated
  • (i) collecting seed cones, pruning trees, assisting in planting surveys and marking trees for subsequent operations
  • (j) training and supervising other workers in forestry procedures, including forestry labourers and plant operators. Examples of the occupations classified

Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Charcoal burner
- Logger
- Logging climber
- Skilled forestry worker
- Timber cruiser
- Tree feller


Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Silviculturist - 2132
- Forestry technician - 3143
- Tree faller operator - 8341
- Forestry labourer - 9215

Careers ( Pakistan Standards):