Our toolbox hosts multiple free psychometric and behavioral assessments that are useful for guidance and self-development for individuals of all ages. These include career tests for students and working professionals. A free career test is also included here for children with learning and cognitive disabilities. Some of the other free tests include popular Personality Tests like Myers Briggs (MBTI) and the DISC assessment. A Learning Styles assessment is included to help students understand their preferred learning styles and an aptitude test to understand their strengths and weakness's. The 360-degree feedback assessment helps an individual to seek feedback from his supervisors, customers , reportees and peers to identify improvement areas. An emerging need in schools is to become aware of the maladjustment behavior of students and staff, and make timely interventions; the MMI assessment helps in the same. So, in essence, our career toolbox provides a wide array of well-researched assessments, which career counselors, , coaches and mentors can leverage in their counselling and individuals can use for free !!

Career Tests

Very accurate career assessments , mapping to specific occupational roles.

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Career Test for children with Disabilities

Free assessment for individuals with learning or cognitive disabilities.


Abilities / Aptitude Test

Timed online assessment to determine your natural aptitude and abilities.


Learning Styles Assessment

Learning Styles assessment depicts different learning styles and preferences.


Myer Briggs Assessment

An open source alternative to the 16 personalities (MBTI) assessment.


DISC Assessment Test

An open source alternative to the popular DISC behavioral assessment.


360 Leadership Assessment

Get feedback from managers, customers, peers and your reportees.


We ensure that the assessments and career tests we host are well-researched, and have high reliability and validity to ensure accurate results and recommendations. Some of these assessments may, however, be under research and the same is indicated on the respective pages. In case of any suggestions or recommendations do write to us