Job Title: 


Alternate Titles: 

Call handler (motoring organisation),Operator (telephone),Switchboard operator (telephone),Telephonist,Telephonist-receptionist

Job Description: 

Telephonists receive and direct callers in commercial, industrial and other establishments, and operate telephone (public) and office (private) switchboards to advise on, and assist with, making telephone calls and to relay incoming, outgoing and internal calls.


Academic qualifications may not be required. On-the-job training is provided.
Refer The S/NVQ framework for more details


The simplified NS-SEC analytic class for this code is 6
The simplified NS-SEC operational category for this code is 12.6
Refer The National Statistics Socio-economic Classification for more details


  • receives callers and directs them to appropriate person or department;
  • operates switchboard to connect outgoing calls or to relay incoming or internal calls;
  • reports any faults on telephone operating system;
  • gives advice on dialling and other special features available;
  • provides directory information, dialling codes and details of charges;
  • alerts emergency services in cases of fire, crime or accident.
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