Helping Individuals Decide

Choosing the right career is the one of the most important decisions in our lives, with wrong choices significantly impacting earnings and growth potential. Therefore, a right choice of education matching one’s long term career goals and aligning to their interests and abilities is critical. Further, the expanding set of career options, longer work tenures, and growing importance to work-life balance also add to the importance of making the right choice.

Solutions for counselling organizations and independent counselors

We understand the vital role a counselor plays in the career decision process. He/she facilitates the decision, interprets the assessment results and often acts as a bridge between a decision maker and parents in reaching practical and best choice(s).

For all of these needs and more, we offer an accurate, comprehensive and economical career assessment solution with the following unique features:

Accurate career recommendations as per international and country specific career standards

Solutions for Industry

Increasingly, individuals are taking the responsibility of their own careers with continued learning, mid-career corrections and pursuing multiple career paths now becoming very common. A major reason for this has also been limited career decision support within organizations to help professional realize and reach their career goals. Recognizing this gap, our career assessment services help organizations provide their employees the much needed career decision support required for them to plan their careers roles and transitions.