Snake charmer


Snake Venom

Minimum No entry barrier

Not required

The tasks a

Snake Charmer is expected to perform include:

Playing pipe music (Pungi or Been) in front of snakes

Making the snakes raise their hoods to swing to and fro to entertain audience

Catching snakes from their hideouts

Removing the fangs of the snakes to make them harmless

Keeping snakesin covered baskets and exhibiting them in fairs

Entertaining at public places by playing music in return of rewards

Helping in catching snakes from public places and private houses, on request for reward

Keeping and training mongoose to play with snakes for entertaining public

Knowledge of various species of snakes

Skilled in playing the pipe music

Knowledge of the characteristics of various snakes

Skilled in performing tricks that keep the audience involved

Skilled in properly dealing with the fangs of snakes

Skilled in handling and taking care of the snakes

Will be updated




Hardworking and persistent


It is a field job

Need not handle a team

Local travelling is part of the job

Part-time work and contractual jobs maybe available

Work from home is not applicable

Working hours

Working hours are not fixed

Overtime may be involved

Shift system maybe applicable

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?Maybe

This job is considered largely hazardous or dangerous

Health risks include being allergic to most anti-venoms over the time

Occupational hazards include major injury to the bodybecause of snake venom like: extreme pain, swelling, tissue necrosis, low blood pressure, convulsions, haemorrhage, respiratory paralysis, kidney failure, coma, etc.

For self-employed candidates - INR10 to INR100 per visit

(These figures are indicative and subject to change)

Snake Charmers

For centuries, India's snake charmers have enjoyed a celebrated place in the country's history. The hypnotic tunes played by them have largely captured the imagination of Indians, but people around the world. But in the past two decades this industry is fighting for its survival because of the stringent wildlife protection laws. In the late 1990s, the Wildlife Protection Act (1972) was implemented and it bans the use of live cobras and other snakes for entertainment purposes. This led to a ban on all such shows in India since 1991.

Snake charming industry is a declining one but in todays time all the trained people in this field are being employed in snake farms where they extract venom from snakes for making medicines. They are also being hired by big pharmaceutical companies for the same work. These people largely like to remain self-employed whereby they are called in by general people for the removal of snakes from residential areas, they are paid as per demand in this case. Another area where Snake Charmers can be employed is medical care. This is because Snake Charmers, with their generations of knowledge about the various snakes can also be made use in the remote health centres in areas where doctors are not available or has less knowledge about the treatment of a snake bite.

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