The media and entertainment industry consists of many different segments under its umbrella such as television, print, and films, and smaller segments like radio, music, animation, gaming and visual effects and Internet advertising.
India’s Media and Entertainment industry is said to be the economy’s sunrise sector and is making tremendous leaps in growth. Increased advertising revenues and rising consumer demand have led this sector on the verge of a strong growth phase. Heavier internet usage and enhancement in digitisation over the last decade have provided the necessary drive to the industry, with internet taking over as the popular media for entertainment. India is estimated to be Asia’s second fastest growing advertising market after China with advertising revenue accounting for around 0.38 per cent of the GDP.
The Media and Entertainment sector is further categorized into three sub-sectors, Advertising, Animation & Gaming, and Film, Television and Radio.
Advertising plays a very important role in any economy as it helps consumers become aware about the different products and services. India is one of the fastest growing advertising markets in the world, and experts predict further growth in the coming years.
As technology advanced, so did the means of advertising. In its latest avatar, advertising has gone digital and is a big part of any organization’s online operations.
Technological advancements have also played a massive role in the Animation & Gaming sub-sector. In India, though, it is still in its nascent stage of growth and development, and currently only a small contributor to the media and entertainment sector. There is no doubt however that it will continue to grow at a steady pace and prove to be an important segment in this sector.
The Indian Film, Television and Radio sub-sector is growing at a steady pace. It has also entered the international markets and made a name for itself, especially the Film industry, which has been able to create a unique identity of its own.

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