Minimum 10+2

Relevant previous workexperience

The tasks a Manager, Recreation and Entertainment is expected to perform include: Co-ordinating and supervising workforce and resource delegation

Producing, distributing and exhibiting motion pictures

Producing and presenting circus and stage shows

Organizing and presenting radio and television broadcasts

Operating carnivals and amusement parks

Organizing games, hunting, fishing, excursions, competitions, etc.

Ability to co-ordinate with various resources and workforce

Detailed knowledge of how an organization functions

Understanding of the production/performance

Not Applicable

Co-ordinating skills

Organizing skills


Attention to detail

Planning skills

Pleasing personality

Time management skills

It is not a desk job

Work from home option is not available

Part-time work and contractual jobs maybe available

Travelling is a part of this job

Need not handle a team Working hours

Flexible working hours depending on the company

Shift system is not available

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?Maybe

This job is not considered hazardous or dangerous One may develop occupational hazards likebodyache,jointpain,fatigue,stress,etc.

Will be updated
(These figures are indicative and subject to change)

Overview of Film and Television Sector in India

The Media and Entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. The television segment in India accounts for over 40% of the revenues. It also contributes to above 35% of the revenues to the Indian advertising industry. The film industry, on the other hand, has seen a tremendous growth and has become a brand name in the recent years. This has helped it to enter the international market.

The current employment across Media & Entertainment sector is estimated to be over 1 million persons (in terms of direct employment only). The Private Final Consumption Expenditure (PFCE) on Entertainment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13% to 14% between 2008 and 2022.

The middle class in India has become equipped to increase their standard of living owing to various factors. This also includes spending more on entertainment and recreational activities. There has been a surge of theme parks, amusement parks, cinemas, clubs and other places of recreation in major cities in the last decade. This trend is only going to increase given the rise in middle classconsumption power. With an increase in places of entertainment and recreation, it also means that there will be in an increase in demand for Managers to oversee everything. All these factors put together is only going to increase the job opportunities for a Manager, Recreation and Entertainment

Amusement parks

Cinema halls

Theatre Circus Theme parks



Exhibition halls Race course

Major cities and towns across India