Minimum?Basic ability to read, write and understand

Preferably prior experience in the field

The tasks a Buyer is expected to perform include:Buying goods such as farm produce, used clothing, old news papers, waste materials, etc. for company use or for resale

Appraising and weighing goods to determine their value

Goes around different localities or areas and purchases goods from sellers according to authorisation or prospect for resale

Sorting purchased goods according to type, quality and value and selling them to business establishments or private individuals

Knowledge of goodsto be bought that will fetch a resale value

Knowledge of weighing goods to determine their value

Knowledge of sorting purchased goods according to type, quality and value Expertise in sellingthe used goods

Knowledge of the value of old machinery parts, waste paper, used cans, worn garments, etc. according to investment, resale value and personal capacity

Good communication skills

Planning and organising skills

Relationship management skills

Negotiation skills

Time management skills

It is not a desk job

The role does not involveteam handling

Local travelling isrequired on the job

Part-time work and contractual jobs are not available

Work from home option is not available

Working hours

Work is generally 5/6 days a week Job is on call basis or on appointment basis

There is no shift work on this job

Working on weekends and holidays is part of this job

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?This job is suitable for candidates with One Arm (OL) and those who are Hearing Impaired (HH)

This job is not considered hazardous or dangerous as per The Factories Act, 1948 (section 87)

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Organised Retail sector projectionsOrganised retail is projected to grow at ~29 CAGR with an increase in penetration of organised players from 7.7 to 11 percent of total retail sector. Employment base of the industry expected to reach ~56 million by 2022 across conventional and specialised retail segments

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