5112-Transport conductors

Job Title: 

Transport conductors

Job Description: 

Transport conductors check and issue tickets and ensure the safety and comfort of passengers on trains, trams, buses and other public transport vehicles.


Tasks include

  • collecting and issuing tickets, passes or fares, and checking the validity of tickets issued previously
  • attending to sleeping-cars and their occupants on passenger trains
  • providing assistance with boarding, seating and luggage as required, especially to elderly, sick, or injured people
  • opening and closing doors for passengers
  • performing equipment safety checks prior to departure
  • signalling to drivers to stop or proceed
  • greeting passengers boarding transportation equipment, and announcing routes and stops. ensuring that safety regulations are respected
  • responding to passengers requests and complaints and providing information about stops and connections
  • taking appropriate action in case of emergencies or accidents.
Specific Occupations: 

Conductor, (trolley)bus/ cable car/ ferryboat/ hovercraft/ pullman car/ tram/ train

Superintendent, travelling ticket examiner/ Examiner, travelling ticket

Attendant, pullman car/Attendant, sleeping car

Conductor, sleeping car/Guard, train: passengers

Inspector, ticket: public transport

International Careers(ISCO): 
Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2252