Tree Cutter, Log Cutter

Minimum ? No entry barrier

Not required

The tasks a Log Feller is expected to perform include:Cutting down trees using axe, saw, etc. for timber and firewood

Determining the safest mode of felling

Climbing trees and lopping off branches, using axe, bill hook and handsaw

Determining the direction in which tree should fall

Adhering to strict safety standards while felling to ensure personal and public safety

Fastening and securing the tree stump before cutting at the root end

Digging up the root from the ground using a spade

Filling and levelling the space from where trees are removed

Planting new trees

Knowledge of different types of trees

Skilled in operating tools for cutting trees

Knowledge of different methods of cutting trees

Proficient in selecting an appropriate method of cutting

Knowledge of safety and environmental compliance

Basic knowledge of how to plant new trees

Skilled in basic geometry and knowledge of inclination angles to decide in which direction the tree should fall

Will be updated

Physically fit and strong Hardworking and persistent


Ability to work independently

It is a field job

Work from home is not applicable for this profile

May supervise a team of other Log Fellers

Part-time and contractual jobs maybe found

Local travelling is part of the job

Working hours

Flexible working hours

Shift system maybe available

Overtime maybe required

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?No

This job is considered mildly hazardous or dangerous

Health risks include exposure to extreme weather conditions, equipment noise and dust

Occupational hazards include back/neck pains and injury to body

For daily wage workers - INR 100 to INR 400 per day

(These figures are indicative and subject to change)

Overview of Timber Industry in India

India's annual industrial round wood imports, mostly of tropical hardwoods, have tripled in the last five years and now exceed two million m3 per year, according to reports. Demand for imported tropical timber is expected to continue to grow and could approach 10 million m3 by the end of the decade. It estimated that total industrial round wood consumption in the country would exceed 70 million m3 per year by the end of the decade.

The use of timber is increasing with the growth of our nation, and the income of upper and middle class. The construction activities are on an all-time high which have raised the demand for timber so much so that the country has to import timber to meet the demand. Jobs are plentiful in both, organized and unorganized sectors.

Logging companies

Forestry organizations

Timber companies

Job openings are in Tier III cities