Sketching Artist

Fine Artist

Commercial Artist

Minimum 10th standard pass

Will be updated

The tasks a Cartoonist is expected to perform include:

Drawing cartoons or caricature of persons and events in humorous or satirical manner for publication in newspapers, journals etc. or for production of cartoon films

Discussing with employer regarding the policies to be adopted while drawing cartoons

Ability to reads news items, books etc. and observe events to obtain ideas for subject matter to be sketched

Proficient in drawing out lines of caricature and sketches on paper or cardboard, using pencil, ink or brush

Experience in completing caricature or sketch by shadings with pen and brush

Ability to send cartoons to process department for engraving or for photographing

Experience in discussing with employer regarding broad policies to be adopted in drawing cartoons to portray events

Knowledge of giving captions or descriptive titles to cartoons

Training in fine arts

Excellent communication skills

Creative skills

Interpersonal skills

Planning skills

Problem solving skills

Decision-making skills

Marketing skills

It is a desk job

Need not handle a team

Travelling is not part of the job

Part-time work and contractual jobs are available

Work from home option is available

Working hours

Working hours are 8/9 hours everyday for 6 days a week. This may vary from company to company

Being self-employed is also an option. In this case, the working hours and days will be flexible

Shift system maybe applicable

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?Maybe

This job is not considered hazardous or dangerous

Occupational hazards include fatigue, body ache, stress, strain on eyes, etc.

For freshers -INR25,000 toINR60,000 per month

For candidates with 2-3 years of experience or more -INR3,00,000 toINR4,00,000 per month

(These figures are indicative and subject to change)

Opportunities in Indian animation industry

According to a recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited, an international business consulting service provider, the Indian animation industry is poised to grow by about 23% in the next four years This means that the value of the industry that was estimated at 18.5 billion in 2009 will be a whopping 54 billion by 2014.

This income has mainly come about as a result of the growing reputation of India as a quality place to outsource animation work. Production for films including the Lord of the Rings, the Harry Potter series, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Spiderman 3 have taken place here during the last few years.

Cartoons that were strictly in the domain of Cartoon Network are now a regular feature of many channels including POGO, Hungama TV, Nickelodeon, Disney XD and Disney Channel. From merely being a country that helps Hollywood studios make animated films, we are now witnessing several Indian production houses evince interest in making such films.

Some of the films that was made in India include Walt Disney's Zokkomon and Krayon Pictures' Delhi Safari, amid others. What also works in the favour of the growth of the animation industry, is the anticipated phenomenal growth of an allied industry - the gaming industry - that is expected to grow by about 36 per cent in the next four years.


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