Faculty, Instructor




Minimum Preferably Bachelor?s Degree

Certified training for Master Trainer Junior Software Developer (programme aligned to SSC/Q0509 released by IT-ITe

S SSC NASSCOM Sector Skill Council)

Teaching experience of 0 2 years in Colleges/Institutions

The tasks a Master Trainer Junior Software Developer is expected to perform include:

Training and equipping students with 0 to 2 years of experience

Preparing trainees and enabling them to procure

Preparing trainees to perform for entry-level jobs that exist in the IT services industry

Knowledge of the basic components of a computer, Windows and Linux OS, file systems and task and process management

Well-versed with web browsers, the World Wide Web, internet mail, internet search, web-based social media applications and web programming

Adept with logical analysis, problems solving skills, process approach, algorithmic thinking and pseudo code

Proficiency in the foundational concepts of computation and mathematics including binary arithmetic and number sense, discrete mathematics and numerical descriptive measures of data

Knowledge of the fundamentals of programming language and implementation of algorithms

Well-versed with data base skills including DBMS, data design, and querying table structures for specific data

Adept with software engineering approaches to develop applications and the key processes used for developing application software

Proficiency in reading a detailed program specification and implementing it using a programming language

Knowledge of reading a test case, executing the same and recording the results of testing

Software Development Certifications in C++, C#, Java, etc.

Passion for teaching

Technical competence

Presentation skills

Communication skills

Logical thinking

Innovative skills

Inspirational skills

Positive attitude

Learning attitude Charismatic


Strong personality

It needs one to be on their toes

Need not handle a team

Local travelling is a part of this job role

Part-time work and contractual jobs are available

Work from home option is not available

Working hours

Working hours are 8/9 hours everyday for 5/6 days a week. This may vary from company to company

Being self-employed is an option. In this case, the working hours and days will be flexible

Shift system is available

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?Maybe

This job is not considered hazardous or dangerous

One may develop occupational hazards like sprains, strains, pulled muscles, fatigue, headache, back injuries, risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

Health risks include long standing hours, spending long hours on a computer, stretching and lifting educational aids and equipment like blackboards, projectors, etc.

For freshers - INR15,000 to INR 20,000 per month

For candidates with 2-4 years of experience or more - INR20,000 to INR 25,000 per month

(These figures are indicative and subject to change)

Current Scenario and Growth of IT Services Sector in India

The IT services segment is the largest contributor to the IT and ITES Industry, accounting for about 60% of industry revenues. India is one of the fastest-growing IT services markets in the world. It is also the world's largest sourcing destination, accounting for approximately 52 per cent of the USD 124-130 billion market. The country's cost competitiveness in providing IT services continues to be its USP in the global sourcing market.

The major segments of the IT service sector are IT Consulting, Application Management, IS Outsourcing, Software development and support. The BFSI, telecom, retail, and manufacturing sectors account for major portion of the IT Services revenues.

In the IT Exports segment, a large portion of the workforce is currently engineers and MCAs over 80%. The proportion of graduates of science and other streams engaged in software development is expected to show significant increase from about 5% to 10% currently to about 15% to 20%.

Based on the trends witnessed in productivity and the likely growth potential of the IT and ITES industry, it is expected that the industry would result in an incremental employment of about 7.5 million persons directly by 2022. Out of which 3.6 million job opportunities will be in IT service sector. This would lead to an increase in employment opportunities in Master Trainer Junior Software Developer across towns and cities in India.

Towns and cities across India