With around 75% of the global talent present in the country, India has become the global hub for Information technology and IT enabled services, and the largest sourcing destination for the industry. Even in the face of a global economic turmoil, the Indian industry has shown resilience and growth, both in terms of export revenue as well as foreign investments. The next decade is going to bring new opportunities for IT companies, with emerging technologies and advancements in artificial intelligence leading to differentiated and diversified offerings.
The IT-ITeS sector has the following sub-categories, Software Products, IT Services, Engineering, Research & Development, and Business Process Management.
The Software Products sub-sector is dependent on engineering services and expected to generate spectacular revenues in the coming years.
The IT Services sub-sector is responsible for a major chunk of export revenue in the services domain, making is indispensible to the economy.
The Engineering, Resarch & Development segment is the backbone of the Indian IT sector as this it is completely dependent on technology. This sub-sector deals with the management of data, infrastructure and hardware.
Over the last few years, Business Process Management has been under constant transformation, and gained a prominent place in terms of both employment and revenue-generation.

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