Plant Taxonomist

Animal Taxonomist

Insect Taxonomist

Minimum Degree in science, majoring in biology or zoology

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The tasks a Taxonomist is expected to perform include:

Studying, identifying and classifying plants and animals under standard nomenclatures

Undertaking excursions and field trips to collect various kinds of animals or plants with roots, flowers, fruits, etc. as necessary

Studying, dissecting and mounting slides for examination

Examining slides and minute parts under microscope and relating findings for correct identification of parts, and classifying them giving standard nomenclature indicating genus and species they belong to

Preserving specimens in special preservatives or in herbarium sheets as appropriate

Knowledge of best practices for maintenance of taxonomies, thesauri, and controlled vocabularies

Skilled at taxonomy enhancement through analysis of feedback, user metrics, and search log trends

Ability to describe species and give them names

Well-versed in studying ants, animals, fungi or micro-organisms, and group them according to patterns of variation

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Exceptional communication skills

Strong interpersonal skills

Research and problem solving skills

Attention to detail

Analytical skills

Technical abilities

It requires one to be on their toes

Need not handle a team

Local travelling is not a part of this job

Part-time work and contractual jobs are available in some cities

Work from home option is not available

Working hours

Companies usually work for 6 days a week and 8/10 hours everyday. This may vary from company to company

Shift system maybe available

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?Maybe

The job is not listed as hazardous or dangerous under The Factories Act, 1948 (section 87)

Occupational hazards may include back aches, infection, allergies, slips and falls, general fatigue, nausea, burns, etc.

Health risks include exposure to cleaning agents and disinfectants, drugs, anaesthetic gases, solvents, paints, and compressed gases, potential exposures to allergens, infectious zoonotics, working in wet locations, lifting, pushing, pulling, and repetitive tasks etc.

For candidates with up to 2 yearsexperience ?INR25,000 toINR26,000 per month

For candidates with 2 to 5 yearsexperience ?INR30,000 toINR40,500 per month

For candidates with over 5 yearsexperience ?INR45,500 toINR50,000 per month

(These figures are indicative and subject to change)

Will be updated

Universities, museums, conservatories across India

Government agencies specializing in agriculture, wildlife control and forestry conservation

Research institutions

Private industries, agricultural processors, pharmaceutical companies, oil companies and commercial suppliers of plants and animals

Botanical gardens

Towns and cities across India