Advertising Promoter

Advertising Manager

Manager Advertising

Manager Promotion

Minimum Preferably a Degree in Management

Previous relevant work experience

The tasks a Manager, Advertising and Promotion is expected to perform include:

Planning and directing advertising policies and programs

Producing collateral materials, such as posters, contests, coupons, or give-aways, to create extra interest in the purchase of a product

Conferring with clients to provide marketing or technical advice

Co-ordinating activities of departments, such as sales, graphic arts,

media, finance, and research

Formulating plans to extend business with established accounts and to transact businessas agent for advertising accounts

Identifying and developing contacts for promotional campaigns and industry programs

Estimating and controlling expenditures to administer approved budget

Competent to organize, co-ordinate and control activities of organization

Ability to plan long term financial and business objectives

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Financial understanding

Analytical skills

Far - sightedness

It is not a desk job

May need to handle a team

Local travelling is a part of this job

Part-time work and contractual jobs are not available

Work from home option is not available
Working hours

Flexible working hours

Shift system is available

Media and Entertainment companies work for 5/6 days a week and 8/9 hours everyday. This may vary from company to company

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?Maybe

This job is not listed as hazardous or dangerous under The Factories Act 1948 (section 87)

One may develop occupational hazards like body ache, joint pain, fatigue, stress, mental and physical exhaustion, etc.

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Career In Advertising & Publicity

Advertising and publicity plays a significant role in today?s highly competitive world. A career in advertisement/publicity is quite glamorous and at the same time challenging with more and more agencies opening up every day. Whether its brands, companies, personalities or even voluntary or religious organizations, all of them use some form of advertising or publicity in order to be able to communicate with the target audience. The salary structure in advertising and publicity sector is quite high, and if you have the knack for it, one can reach the top. It is an ideal profession for a creative individual who can handle work-pressure.

The Scope

According to the Job Statistics, over 2, 50,000 people are presently working in the advertising and publicity industry. This number is expected to grow due to two important trends. First is the mega merger among advertising/publicity agencies. This trend has been fuelled by agenciesdesire to increase market share by offering more services such as sophisticated market research, media buying, and in-house production facilities to the clients. The second trend has been spurred by an increase in international businesses and global marketing. Advertising and publicity agencies are moving quickly to set-up international subsidiaries to assist clients who have gone global.

So, today, the advertising and publicity industry has a more stable environment but a highly competitive market. The job projections for the year 2011-2012 suggest a growth of over 30% for marketing research analysts, advertising managers, and visual artists. Nevertheless, employers will continue to be highly selective. The most motivated, energetic, well-organized candidates with top-notch analytic and communication skills will land the best jobs.Job opportunities for Manager, Advertising and Promotion are bound to increase.

Business houses and companies across the country

Cities across India

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Indian Institute of Mass Communication

MCU, Bhopal

National Institute of Mass Communication

Sree Narayana Guru Memorial Arts & Science College

Global Entrepreneurship Management Academy (GEMA)

Madurai Kamaraj University

University of Lucknow

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